Reglazing countertops is a good way to update the look of your kitchen or bath, without doing a costly and lengthy full remodel.  Reglazing a counter essentially means preparing the surface and applying an acrylic plastic surface, giving the counter a shiny new surface, without having to replace the entire unit. On tile it looks like new tile at a glance, but on closer inspection it is obvious that it is not new tile because the grout and the tile are the exact same color, which never happens in the real world.  On laminate counters it is a bit harder to tell that they were not replaced.  So you are getting a new looking counter in about 1/2  day but there is a 48 hour wait before you can use it. The counter is out of commission for 2 1/2 days. In an emergency this can be slashed to 24 hours by using a catalyst to accelerate the curing time.

Reglazing is a less expensive and less time consuming solution to to giving your kitchen or bath a fresh new look, but again you need to look at what fits your needs and budget.  If you have the money to do a full remodel, then realize that that is the better long-term solution as long as you are using decent materials.