Here are some bathtub re-glazing  before and after photos for work Pacific Reglazing  has done in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.  As the Servicemen send them to me I will be adding to this post.




Wakefield Tub Before

Wakefield Tub After

Sink Repair - Before

Sink Repair - After





Bathtub stains can be extremely difficult to clean up and remove, when a tub gets old and porus. Often times bathtubs will have dark black, yellow or rust stains that can ruin the look of your bathtub. The enamel of a bathtub is baked in so it is usually quite durable and non porous. This baked on coating allows for the use aggressive scrub pads without having to worry about damaging the finish of most bathtubs, but as the tub ages the glaze tends to get worn away by all this scrubbing.

One solution to the above problem is refinishing. Bathtub refinishing also known as bathtub resurfacing, bathtub reglazing or bathtub re enameling is the process of refreshing the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like new condition. This process typically involves a thorough cleaning and repairing any damaged areas. Chips or cracks are repaired using Bondo or another type of polyester putty.

After repairs are made the surface is prepped with an acid etching, some new refinishing processes do not require the use of etching. After preparing the surface primer or bonding agent is applied, followed by a top coat. Generally, a synthetic white coating is applied, usually an acrylic urethane, but the coating does not have the durability or abrasive tolerance of the original glass enamel coating of a factory new bathtub.

You might want to avoid:

Luna VS Bathtub Bathtub owns Luna 1:0.


My sphynx cat gets into the bathtub by herself.


monkeys love bath time……..koty and doc.


For this reason you would no longer be able to use products such as Comet to clean the tub, and you would need to use a non-abrasive cleaner like Simple Green, Formula 409, or Scrubbing Bubbles.

Over the years bathtubs have had a variety of uses. One of these, however was not the assumed use of making bathtub gin. Bathtub gin refers to any style of homemade spirit made in amateur conditions. The term first appeared in 1920, in the prohibition era United States, in reference to the poor quality alcohol that was being made.

Bathtub Gin, AKA Railroad Gin, was often poisonous due to the lack of care that went into the making of it. Obviously, there was a very high demand for alcohol during prohibition, and people would often risk getting these poisonous varieties by buying them from non-reputable sources.

If one were to make gin in the bathtub it could be hard on the finish if the tub had been reglazed. However, one use of the bathtub, washing your car engine, is very hard on a refinished bathtub. Doing this will definitely void your warranty.

This is Nylah’s first experience playing in water. Savannah cats are known to like water, which is why Nylah loves it! Please like/fav the video if you enjoy…


Routine normal use of the tub should give the tub an expected life of 5 to 10 years. Of course you would need to care for it properly and follow the care and maintenance instructions, which forbids washing your car engine, bleaching or dying clothing, or making bathtub gin, if you happened to have an old family recipe.

The Case Of Hidden Bathtub

Micro-apartments are common in historically dense cities like Paris and Barcelona, but architect Valentina Maini wasn’t interested in typical small space sol…

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So we smooth is all down-[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”106″ border_color=”grey” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”large”][vc_column_text h1_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916070}” h2_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916071}” h3_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916072}” h4_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916073}” h5_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916074}” h6_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916074}” p_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916075}” link_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916075}” list_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406259916076}”]

And reglaze the floor.

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Bathtubs have not always been as prevalent as they are today, but they do have a bit of a history, which I might cover in another area, but for now were going to be taking a brief look at some types of bathtub’s for those who are trying to decide on what they should get. The one pictured below, might be a bit chilly for most and might be suitable only for the most determined bathers,


bath tubs


Now, in our time, we can choose from a large amount of types of bathtubs with different features. Today, the home owner will take his select from Japanese soaking tub, freestanding bath tubs, corner hot tubs and even walk in bath tubs to be certain. In this article, we will discuss some of these bathtubs in more detail to help you make the best …

Discovery / Science Channel’s


If you are looking to create a bathroom space with classic lines, a freestanding claw foot tub will definitely support that theme. Platform tubs are another option to consider, especially if you have the space. Often built with steps, these bath tubs are wonderful for soaking. Other luxury tubs available include whirlpool, jetted and high tech models that feature temperature control and other amenities.


bath tubs


Clawfoot bath tub: These bath tubs are made of acrylic or fibreglass. Though they require more water than traditional bath tubs they are high in demand. In fact antique clawfoot bath tubs are also considered to be collector’s items. These bath tubs again come in different styles: Classic roll rim, slipper tubs, double slipper tubs, double ended tubs, and pedestal tubs.

As the name implies, round soaking bath tubs are built for just that soaking. While showering is a more common practice for Americans, you might be interested to know that soaking and washing do not always coincide. Soaking tubs, also known as Japanese tubs, actually stem back to an ancient practice of soaking for soaking’s sake.

Called Ofuros in Japan, these deep, barrel shaped tubs were usually made from wood and allowed the soaker to sit in neck deep water. It’s a long standing Japanese tradition, and was a separate habit from actual washing. No doubt, the idea of resting in neck deep hot water entices you. Modern circular soaking bathtubs are constructed from that ancient blueprint; they are deep and come with built in seats for added comfort. Some models today are designed to hold in the heat for a longer, warmer bath. Still others are equipped with whirlpool jets for a therapeutic bathing experience. Either way, the deep design gives bathers a complete soak.

At present, wooden furos have been replaced by acrylic and fiberglass imitations; however there is a recovery of interest in traditional wooden design. There are some manufacturers of bath tubs which produce traditional Japanese bath accessories and these are the furo, and the steps. Since the furo is taller compared to the common bath tub, it should be needing steps. Typically, the tub and the step are made from wooden materials.

An important matter to factor in when thinking about bath tubs is the material they are made from. Weight is a very substantial issue to take into consideration as some materials like enameled cast iron and soapstone require reinforcement of the floor to be able to fully support the tub. Some materials such as enameled steel are limited in color choice so if you are looking to achieve a certain palette, check to see if the tub comes in the shade you want. Acrylic tubs are more susceptible to scratches and stains while brass and copper tubs are limited in their shapes and sizes.

The TheraTub is simply the finest 100% certified Made In The USA walk-in bath tub on the market today, comes with a complete lifetime warranty on every singl…

Soaking Tubs that Save Space

Soaking bathtubs offer many health benefits including stress relief, alleviation of sleeping problems, and lower blood pressure. Immersing yourself in warm water calms internal organs and endocrine system by stimulating nerves on the spinal cord. However, you can also benefit from taking a cold bath in a soaking tub, which will invigorate and stimulate your body. Regardless of your need, soaking bath tubs can provide a solution.

Jacuzzi hot tubs or Jacuzzi spas as popularly known as, is a good way for relaxation. People spend money and time to get an appointment for a special spa treatment. People are getting crazier day by day and finding unusual ways to express their proclivity towards hot tubs. Jacuzzi parties are finding popular spot in events and hotels. Markets, world over are channelizing this attraction and are offering portable Jacuzzi bath tubs and hot tubs for residential use.

Antique toilet, tipping over outhouse old like Modern sanitation as we know it was not widely adapted until the 19th and 20th centuries. The bath tubs modern spouse, the toilet, had problems gaining acceptance. Sir John Harrington invented the first flushing toilets for himself and for his godmother, Queen Elizabeth I. When Harrington published a book describing his invention, he was roundly chided by peers, embarrassing him to the point of retirement from plumbing.

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If you have Just had your Bathtub or other item reglazed by Pacific Reglazing I hope you are enjoying the sunny Southern California weather, and I want to share some pointers that will extend the life of your refinished tub to the expected 5-10 years.

If we did your tub then you will have been given a “Care and Maintenance Sheet”, that gives you the dos and don’ts for promoting the life of your bathtub. Some of these points are covered in the following videos.

[/vc_column_text][vc_video title=”How to Care for a Reglazed Bathtub” link=””][vc_video title=”How to Care for Your Reglazed Bathtub” link=””][vc_column_text h1_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875118}” h2_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875119}” h3_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875120}” h4_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875121}” h5_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875122}” h6_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875123}” p_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875124}” link_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875124}” list_css=”{.vc_customizer_1406921875125}”]There are a few more similar videos coming and there will be one or 2 in Spanish, as this is Southern California. The actual Care and Maintenance Sheet ac be found on our site.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Carlos - bathtub reglazer in Los Angeles

Which Should You Do, Refinish Your Bathtub Or Re-glaze It?

A very common question that we get asked by people calling it to our office for the 1st time is, “what is the difference between Refinishing and Reglazing?”. The answer is quite simple, there isn’t one. The proper term is refinishing and sometimes resurfacing. While we are probably not totally responsible, when we changed the name of our company back in 1995 to Pacific Reglazing, the proper definition of reglazing would have been changing out windows on storefronts, since the glaser  is one who works on replacing windows, etc.. This still is the proper English definition, but somehow over the years it haBathtub reglazed in Pasadenas come to be a synonym of refinishing when used with reference to porcelain fixtures like bathtubs and sinks.

So essentially reglazing a sink, refinishing a sink and resurfacing a sink are just 3 ways to say the same thing, so don’t get stressed out trying to find the difference.

Pacific Reglazing Knows Kitchens and Baths

We have been doing this since 1991 and while at times we have added other services to our repertoire we have focused back on reglazing.  We refinish tubs, sinks,  counter tops, tile walls, cultured marble counters and tubs, Formica and other laminates, and many other Kitchen and bath surfaces. Whether you want your fixture re-glazed, refinished, or resurfaced we will be glad to help you out.

While we’ve done many Kitchen sinks over the years, it is always better to replace them if at all possible. This is due to the fact that they don’t stand up well to pots and pans, and unless they’re in a granite or a tile counter, where replacing them also requires damaging the counter, replacing them is always a better idea in the long run, Even if it costs a little more.