An interesting image relating to kitchen and bath remodeling orange county called A kitchen in a post-and-beam


A kitchen in a post-and-beam


an image of kitchen%20and%20bath%20remodeling%20orange%20county A kitchen in a post-and-beam

“A kitchen in a post-and-beam A kitchen in a post-and-beam”


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Do it yourself is not always the cheapest route in the long run. How do you decide when this is so.

Read the following for the questions you need to ask when deciding on the best route to take.

Questions To Ask On Significant Factors Of Home Improvement | detailed…

“…and give you some leeway in making greater gains in your home equity.When remodeling your kitchen or bath it may be wise not to do it yourself. These projects are extensive, time consuming, and much…”


An interesting image relating to bathroom remodeling in los angeles called Bathroom Remodeling Los


Bathroom Remodeling Los


an image of bathroom%20remodeling%20in%20los%20angeles Bathroom Remodeling Los

“Bathroom Remodeling Los Bathroom Remodeling Los”


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If you ever wondered who was the “top remodeler”  realize that would vary with your location, but if you live in the Tri-stat area then the Top Dog has been named.


World Class Kitchen recognized the Top Kitchen Remodeling

“I highly recommend World Class Kitchen & Bath.” Kathy B., Matawan, NJFrom clients to local builders … of the most efficient and customer-centric remodeling companies in the Tri-State area. With 24/7 e-mail…”

Now as for who is the best in your area, you need to do your homework, because there is not a contest or award for every area

Write something here about bathroom remodeling in los angeles and Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In Los Angeles – (213) 293-2757


Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In Los Angeles – (213) 293-2757


“Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In Los Angeles – (213) 293-2757 A bathroom remodel is a smaller, affordable remodel…”

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Refinish Rather Than Replace to Stay Within Budget

When doing a Bath Remodel one way to cut down on the expense is to reglaze the bathtub rather than replace it.  Reglazing, while not as good a longterm solution as replacement, can enable you to get the same aesthetic effect at a fraction of the price.

Pacific Reglazing has been providing quality refinishing work in LA County as well as Orange county and into the surrounding counties since 1991.


Bathtub Reglazing, Shower and Tile reglazing Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County


“Pacific Reglazing, before and after shots of our bathtub refinishing services. Service performed in Los Angeles, Organge County and Ventura County. Visit us …”

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Should You Refinish an Old Tub or Sink?

“Source: DesignMine Results are mixed on refinishing a porcelain-on-iron bathtub or sink yourself. Refinishing tubs and sinks is a cost-effective and inexpensive way to make porcelain surfaces look…”

Re-glazing your self can save you money but if you are unwilling to do very thorough prep work then you are wasting your time and money.  We do a great number of re-dos of bathtubs that were done by the owners and had been messed up prematurely, sometimes within months.  This then cost the the price of the kit, their time and an additional charge to remove the old finish before reglazing the bathtub.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do a good job of refinishing your bathtub, though the material you get at Home Depot is not professional quality, but you really need to do a thorough preparation of the tub, otherwise you are wasting your time and money.

If you have any queations as to how do preparation, YouTube or the video on this blog would give you an idea of the steps you need to take.